Face Rejuvenation Q & A with Sharon Keating, RN

//Face Rejuvenation Q & A with Sharon Keating, RN

Face Rejuvenation Q & A with Sharon Keating, RN

Face Rejuvenation
Q & A with Sharon Keating, RN 
Sharon Keating, RN, owner of Serenity Medical & Beauty Spa answers some frequently asked questions about some of the products and procedures offered at Serenity. 
Question:Do I really need more than 1 syringe of a dermal filler and botox?

SK: Maybe. There are several issues to consider when determining exactly what you might need: How old are you? How much time have you spent in the sun at the beach, lake, playing tennis, running, golfing, and gardening since you were 15 years old? Are you now or have you ever smoked? What bothers you when you look in the mirror and what is your end goal?

As we age, facial shape changes primarily due to the loss of fat in the face – primarily the cheeks, but also the lower face and lips. This along with muscle laxicity, allows the skin to begin to “droop” or “sag” and the cheeks to flatten out. These changes result in an altered state of reflection in mirror! And if your skin has endured sun damage over the years, then brown spots and wrinkles may also appear in that reflection.

Products like Juvederm, Radiesse, Belatero, and Restylane restore volume and can be used anywhere in the face. Cheeks, nasolabial folds, tear troughs, lips, marrionette lines, and chin indentions can all be rejuvenated by revolumizing the areas. The results are amazing, the procedure can be done in the office and requires no surgery, minimal downtime (bruising is the main side effect) and are long lasting – upwards of a year or more. However, the better the correction, meaning the full amount of product used to achieve optimal results, the longer the results will last. All that said, a touch-up may be necessary at 6 months, but for most people, once the desired result is achieved, it is much easier to maintain with minimal investment.

Products like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin work on lines and wrinkles caused by muscle movement. Almost everyone can benefit from these products. They are most commonly used in the “11’s” between the eyes, crows feet around the eyes and the forehead. They stop the muscle movement which puts constant “folding” on the skin. Once the skin is not constantly being “folded” and manipulated by the muscles underneath, the skin can relax and flatten out and the wrinkles and lines disappear. Generally speaking, these products are used on the upper face – above the nose.

Check out this YouTube video for more explanation and actual results:


I am not sure I want to start on injectibles quite yet. Is there anything else I can do?

SK: Yes, professional medical skincare and make-up is a great starting place. (Clinique, Este Lauder, ProActiv, etc. are not professional medical lines) The skin is the largest organ of the body and it performs the important functions of protection, temperature control, detoxification, and of course beauty.   Sun damage usually occurs by the age of 20, HOWEVER, that being said, constant sun exposure in later years from tennis, golf, gardening, Lake Lanier, or the beach carves deep grooves and adds a particularly weathered look to the skin. A solid skin care regime and careful attention to protecting the skin while in the sun can begin to rejuvenate neglected skin. There are now laser treatments, chemical peels, and collagen induction therapies which improve the integrity and appearance of severely sun damaged skin. Improvement is however, a process and a commitment is required.

There are also skin tightening treatments available and we can offer those as well. Microcurrent facials are a great adjunct to any treatment plan, because they work on retraining the muscles in the face which become lax with age. The microcurrent facial stimulates the muscle and trains it to tighten and pull up which results in a tightened appearance. A series is necessary (just like working those abs) to achieve desired results, with maintenance treatments occasionally to maintain results.


What can I do about these brown spots popping up?

SK: This might be the question I am asked most often. trouble with Brown Spots is once they appear, the damage has been done. The melanin is located in the dermis of the skin (the deepest layer) and these are the cells that give us our skin color. They are also the cells that provide whatever sun protection our skin has to offer. Over time, when the dna in the melanin cells become damaged, they behave differently. Instead of   staying lined up in neat rows, they become sticky and clumpy and migrate together in various sized clumps creating what shows as a brown spot on the skin. Fair skinned folks will become freckled with larger darker brown spots after more severe sun damage has occurred.

There are topical products, laser treatments and chemical peels which will address the brown spots with good results providing due diligence is in place. This is still a challenging issue because the melanin cells are also stimulated by heat and in GA, we usually have plenty of that!

Take heart! The aesthetic industry has made tremendous strides on all fronts over the past few years and there are answers to your concerns! A personal consultation is always recommended where each of your concerns will be addressed. A treatment plan is created to meet your goals and budget. We look forward to hearing from you!

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