Good ‘Sweets’

//Good ‘Sweets’

Good ‘Sweets’

Yes there is such a thing as ‘Good Sweets.’


A diet high in sugar can cause the glycation of collagen- which means it becomes rigid, more brittle and prone to breakage. Sugar attaches to the proteins collagen and elastin, and causes a cross-linking process promoting elastosis and wrinkles. This is called glucose driven intrinsic aging. Consider some dietary substitutions and drastically reduce your sugar intake but not the “sweet rewards”

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Examples of ‘Good Sweet Rewards’ –

– 5 oz Red Wine – 1 gm sugar – all naturally occuring

– 3 Dark Chocolate Kisses – 7 gm all added sugar

– 1/4 cup Honey Toasted O’s – 9 gm 95% added sugar

– Baked Sweet Potato – 10 gm all naturally occuring

1 cup Sweetened Vanilla – Almond Milk – 16 gm all added sugar

– 1/4 cup Raisins – 29 gm – all naturally occurring

– Berry Smoothie – 75 gm 70% naturally occurring
Sharon Keating, BSN, RN
Serenity Medical Health and Beauty Spa
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