Skin Care Choices

//Skin Care Choices

Skin Care Choices

Do all the skin care choices confuse you?Lady

Are you wondering if your current routine is actually changing and improving your skin?

Then, you may want to keep reading. The past decade has brought with it many advancements in the skin care world. We now have peptides, proxylane, beta glycan, Swiss apple stem extract, caffeine, and a host of other new ingredients that help promote skin help and accelerate that process. Along with all these words which represent wonderful ingredients, how does one know which to choose?

That is the $64 million question. The answers have not changed much at all in the last ten years. The ingredients which deliver the biggest impact overall when used in tandem is 3 fold and very simple. Who does not like simple in this fast paced complex world in which we live?

1)  The first and foremost ingredient is Retin A (topical vitamin A), and Retinaldehyde (direct precursor to vitamin A), are still the Gold Standard in Anti-aging and Acne. Vitamin A increases cellular turnover and boosts collagen production while reducing the production of collagenase, an enzyme that breaks down collagen.

Collagen, which is the principal protein of the skin, as the production is increased boosts the skin’s elasticity. As a result, the skin looks tighter and firmer. Now, wouldn’t we all just love that result! The downside of Retin A use is sensitivity to the sun and this must be respected in order to protect the newly developing skin. This is the main reason that Retin A use is recommended for nighttime use along with a sunscreen for daytime use. There are some who constantly flake and peel while using prescription Retin A and feel that this side effect negates the wonders of the product. In that case, there are now wonderful new formulations that are less irritating while providing the same fantastic results. Retin A has been clinically proven by scientific clinical trials to build collagen, reduce fine lines, and wrinkles and brown spots and to heal acne by exfoliating and de-clogging the pores.

2)  The second prong is our longstanding friend Glycolic Acid. Glycolic acid has also been around for several decades and was the biggest blockbuster to hit the scene since Retin A back in the 1990’s. Glycolic acid primarily derived from fruit and milk acids is a highly effective anti-aging product that now comes in a wide variety of forms so that even the most sensitive skin can tolerate it and enjoy beautiful results.

Benefits of Glycolic acid:

–  Increases epidermal and papillary dermal thickness – this is a very good thing! The dermis is where all our wonderful collagen is produced

–  Improves the quality of elastin fibers

–  Improves the density of collage fibers

–  Enhances skin firmness and elasticity, reduces fine lines, and wrinkles

–  Promotes the production of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) to build volume and plump skin, which smooths wrinkles from the inside out

–  And decreases melanin clumping for skin clarity

–  Oil dissolving and anti-bacterial properties

3)  Our third prong is anti-oxidants, primarily Vitamin C. Antioxidants are the work horses of prevention – as the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and this is so true regarding skin damage or the prevention thereof. Vitamin C in particular provides wonderful anti-aging benefits such as:

– Prevents premature signs of aging and corrects existing photodamage

– Divides and conquers the range of reactive oxygen species through the skin

– Prevents cell mutation such as the thymine dymers by shielding the skin’s DNA

– Accelerates cell turnover for a more radiant appearance and uniform skin tone

– Boosts skin’s support structure

– Inhibits hyperpigmentation (UV induced discoloration)

– Ideal for normal, oily and combination skin

– Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Once absorbed, cannot be washed off or rubbed off, remaining protective for up to four days, increasing the effectiveness of sunscreen by 8 times!

Isn’t this wonderful news? We really can be equipped to fight the battle of anti-aging right from the comfort of our own powder room! I would like to personally invite you to stop by and/or make an appointment for a personalized skin care consultation. We will analyze your skin, discover the extend of damage and choose a skin care regime that will produce the results you so desire. And the regime does not have to be complicated or cost prohibitive!

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