Valentine’s Day – A Time for Romance

Valentine's Day is a time our minds migrate to "Romance"....so that could mean some up close and personal time - the perfect motivation to prepare your skin for closer observation. Lisa and Noelle are talking about safe and effective options for exfoliation and lifting without any down time. Enjoy reading on. The solution I would [...]

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Please Welcome Our New Staff Member

We are pleased to announce that Noelle Smith, Licensed Esthetician has joined the staff of Serenity Medical Health & Beauty Spa.  Noelle graduated from Lanier Tech August 2015.  She has recently completed courses for Eyelash Extensions and is a certified Eyelash Artist allowing us to offer Eyelash Extensions at Serenity. The Wonderful World of Semi-Permanent [...]

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Breast Cancer Awareness – My Journey

I just became a grandmother!! Charlotte Rose was born to our oldest son, Will and wife, Allison on Monday, August 31st at 5:00pm. She weighed in at 4.9 lbs, 17 inches long - a tiny little girl and cute cute cute!! I was able to go to Dallas, TX to lend them a hand for [...]

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Physical Activity and Metabolism

I recently ran across an article about the effects of sitting on the body and the metabolism. This information is absolutely startling and made me think every time I think I want to sit down! A study done in 2011 by Harvard researchers found  "watching TV for two hours a day increases type 2 diabetes [...]

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Skin Care Choices

Do all the skin care choices confuse you? Are you wondering if your current routine is actually changing and improving your skin? Then, you may want to keep reading. The past decade has brought with it many advancements in the skin care world. We now have peptides, proxylane, beta glycan, Swiss apple stem extract, caffeine, [...]

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Good ‘Sweets’

Yes there is such a thing as 'Good Sweets.' Sweets! A diet high in sugar can cause the glycation of collagen- which means it becomes rigid, more brittle and prone to breakage. Sugar attaches to the proteins collagen and elastin, and causes a cross-linking process promoting elastosis and wrinkles. This is called glucose driven intrinsic [...]

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Face Rejuvenation Q & A with Sharon Keating, RN

Face Rejuvenation Q & A with Sharon Keating, RN    Sharon Keating, RN, owner of Serenity Medical & Beauty Spa answers some frequently asked questions about some of the products and procedures offered at Serenity.  Question:Do I really need more than 1 syringe of a dermal filler and botox? SK: Maybe. There are several issues [...]

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No Such Thing as a ‘Healthy’ Tan

1.  There's no such thing as a "safe" or "healthy" tan. Don't get conned by tanning salons' talk about vitamin D and a "healthy glow" You can get all the vitamin D from a healthy diet or vitamin supplement (that won't give you cancer). Tanning to get Vitamin D is like smoking cigarettes to relax! [...]

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Melanoma – Are You at Risk?

A risk factor is anything that affects your chance of getting a disease such as skin cancer.  Researchers have found several risk factors that alone or in combination may make you more likely to develop melanoma. Ultraviolet (UV light:  excessive, long-term exposure to sunlight or tanning lamps has been clearly linked to may types of [...]

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